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20oz 500lb Bomb Tumbler

20oz 500lb Bomb Tumbler

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Our massive 20oz 500lb tumbler is Da Bomb! Whatever your beverage of choice, our double walled vacuum sealed tumblers will keep the hots hot and the colds cold.

This tumbler is inspired by the 500lb Mk-82, a high-explosive (HE), unguided, low-drag general-purpose (LDGP), aircraft bomb, part of the Mark 80 series which can be fitted either with a standard tail unit or retarded tail unit for low-level attack or as the warhead for a Laser-Guided Bomb assembly, the warhead for a Television Guided bomb or a GPS Guided bomb known as the JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition). Although the Mk-82's nominal weight is 500 lb (227 kg), its actual weight varies considerably depending on its configuration, from 510 lb (232 kg) to 570 lb (259 kg) and is one of the most common air-dropped weapons in the world.

Image and description courtesy of CAT-UXO.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Epic detail.

The mug is amazing. Keeps my coffee hot a long time, holds up well in the dishwasher, and looks great.

Donald Renner
Awesome product

I have five of you your cups keep up the good work


Cool look