About The Big Man In Charge!

Tyler is an Explosive Specialist for the Transportation Security Administration, but his journey to get there was anything but typical. Born and raised in Worthington, Ohio, Tyler enjoyed a childhood filled with Legos, playing in the woods, riding his bike, shooting potato cannons, and firecracker fishing. He was also active in sports, playing summer baseball and wrestling in middle school.

In high school, Tyler discovered his passion for music and theater, participating in numerous drama productions and playing saxophone and drums. After graduating in 2004, Tyler joined the United States Marine Corps and was assigned to Communications Company, Headquarters and Service Battalion, 3rd Marine Logistics Group in Okinawa, Japan. During his tour, he deployed to several locations in the Pacific, including Korea, Hawaii, Guam, Australia, and Japan, and was part of a humanitarian rescue mission in Indonesia.

It was during a deployment to Korea that Tyler attended an explosive range demonstration with Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician Marines from 9th Engineering Support Battalion. This sparked Tyler's childhood pyro obsession and he eventually became an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician himself, completing training at Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal in Destin, Florida in 2008.

Tyler spent the next several years serving as a team member and team leader in various EOD units, including a deployment to Sangin, Afghanistan in 2011 where he was injured in four separate, enemy IED explosions and awarded the Purple Heart. After 11 years of service, Tyler left the Marine Corps in 2015 and became an Unexploded Ordnance Disposal Technician, traveling around the country to make active and retired military ranges safe for personnel and civilians.

Tyler's love of explosives didn't end there. In between UXO contracts, he obtained his North Carolina and California Pyrotechnician licenses and began assisting in training infantry units bound for combat deployments. He incorporated safe, but realistic explosive devices into their training to prepare them for successful deployments.

In September of 2020, Tyler was hired as an Explosive Specialist for the Transportation Security Administration and currently works at Los Angeles International Airport. When he's not working or promoting his small business, INERTmugs, Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, engaging in activities like family game night, building forts, and DIY home improvement projects.

Despite the challenges he faced during his military career, Tyler credits his mental stability and overall happiness to the love and support of his family, specifically his wife, Megan. He is a firm believer that anyone can overcome and manage their demons, and actively supports the EOD Warrior Foundation and other Veteran programs aimed at helping veterans deal with their trauma.

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