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14oz High Explosive Grenade Tumbler

14oz High Explosive Grenade Tumbler

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This 14oz double walled, vacuum sealed tumbler will surely make an explosive impact on your day.  Pull the pin and order yours today! Whatever your beverage of choice, our double walled vacuum sealed tumblers will keep the hots hot and the colds cold.

This canteen cup was inspired by the M67, an anti-personnel, spherical, high-explosive (HE), fragmentation grenade filled with Composition B explosive. The inner wall is pre-scored and does not contain a fragmentation coil. The grenade has a smooth surface, unlike the Mk II series pineapple casing. The previous M33 grenades were more of an oval shape before transitioning over to the more spherical shape of the updated M67 version.

Image and description courtesy of CAT-UXO

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Awesome quality

Excellent graphics. The mug holds up well to repeated use and cleaning in the dishwasher.

Campbell Fam
Very Pleased!

My brother in law, brother of an EOD tech, has always wanted to throw a grenade. He most likely will never get that opportunity, but we can gift him a grenade mug for Christmas! We are very excited about our gift discovery this year! He started roasting his own coffee beans this year, so this mug will be the perfect coffee mug for him! Thank you for making such a great design!

Great addition to my library.

Great addition to my ordnance library. As a former USMC EOD Tech, I absolutely LOVE IT! What tech doesn’t want to drink from a hand grenade?