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20oz VX Chemical Tumbler

20oz VX Chemical Tumbler

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       You may recognize the VX from the popular classic movie "The Rock".  Unlike the movie, our tumblers do NOT contain a glowing green ooze in a string of pearls configuration. The only gas coming off these tumblers is the steam from your hot beverages, or frost from your cold ones.  

This is the 155mm M121, a chemical, spin stabilized projectile used to dispense various chemical warfare agents on the battlefield.  This particular round holds a nerve agent known as VX, short for Venomous Agent X.  Symptoms of VX exposure include: chest tightness, confusion, drowsiness, sweating, rapid breathing, convulsions, loss of consciousness, respiratory failure, and death.  It is currently banned under the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993.  The U.S. is currently safety destroying its stock pile of chemical weapons. In the movies, VX was shown as a thick, neon green ooze, when in fact it is a clear, or slightly amber oily type liquid. 



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